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  • - [sG] - Moderator Request [ Model - Rules - Informations ]


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    [ Model ]

    • Name: 
    • Age: 
    • Why do you want to apply for this degree ?: 
    • Which section do you want to moderate ?: 
    • What improvements can you make to the moderated section ?: 
    • Are you aware that you will be put on probation ?:
    • Other specifications: 
    • Can you be active on TeamSpeak ?:

    [ Rules ]

    1. If you want to apply, you need to open a new topic.
    2. If you wish to make a request, please follow the posting pattern above.
    3. The minimum age to apply is  15 years .
    4. The title of the topic should be: [ Request Moderator ] Nickname


    [ Other informations ] 

    The application is based on the votes of staff members who can vote with Pro or Contra , with some arguments.
    Depending on the votes and the final answer given by an
    Administrators the request will be rejected or accepted.
    If your request has been rejected, you can open the next one after 7 days. Valid only if, after 7 days, you meet the necessary conditions.

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