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    Non-compliance with the rules below will take you to blacklist, and failure to comply with the forum rules will bring you a war (or more)

    • The title of your topic should be: Gallery "your name" (example: Saci Gallery)
    • You will be able to post images edited by you only in professional editing programs (Photoshop / Illustrator / after effects / Cinema4D)
    • The topic is only open to answering with opinions and/or criticism, do not congratulate them.
    • Members who steal other work from other members will be moved to the Rippers section and will be permanently blacklist in the design section.
    • It is forbidden to ask in a gallery of works, avatar or signature, etc.
    • Designers have every right to ask for your psd file for a paper (or more). If you do not have it, you will have to do a work similar to that required.
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    Make it simple, but significant.

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