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    1. Nick on the server: DjeLfaoui
    2. How old are you? 28
    3. CS Experience (in years)? perhaps 18 years
    4. Period of the day when you play (morning / noon / evening)? noon and evening and night
    5. How many hours daily do you spend on cs? 3-8h it depends
    6. Have you already been an admin and where? no
    7. Do you know all the AMXX commands? yes 
    8. Are you playing on other servers? yes , but not as much
    9. Why exactly do you want an admin here? because most of the times i see some player that cross the line using cheats and when i ask them to drop scan they just ignore me , and for people disrespting others when there's no admin online
    10. Are you an admin Somewhere else right now? no
    11. How many hours do you have on the server? i dont know exactly but been playing since last month daily and all the time
    12. What is the duty of an admin, what is he allowed to do and what he isn't, and what is his limit? is to guard the server from cheater and toxic people so they wont ruin the exprience for other players , he is allowed to punish the people that cross the line by cheating or being toxic , he is allowed to abuse his powers and let his ego interfere , his limits are not to cross the line too .
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