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    1. Nick on the server: 7ossamDaking
    2. How old are you?: 18
    3. CS Experience (in years)?: since 2011
    4. Period of the day when you play (morning / noon / evening)?: noon + evening
    5. How many hours daily do you spend on cs?: between 3 to 8 hours
    6. Have you already been an admin and where?: yes, in many servers
    7. Do you know all the AMXX commands?: yup
    8. Are you playing on other servers?: sometimes, but mainly i play on sgx servers more
    9. Why exactly do you want an admin here?: help players + punish rulebreakers
    10. Are you an admin Somewhere else right now?: sgx csgo & zp
    11. How many hours do you have on the server?: https://www.gametracker.com/player/7ossamDaking/cs.stargamerx.net:27015/
    12. What is the duty of an admin, what is he allowed to do and what he isn't, and what is his limit?: main duty of admins is to make the server a safe place to play and having fun, he allowed to make any action to fix or remove anything blocks or make other players non comftable, he doesnt allowed to abuse his powers as "fun thing" or "kidding", and his limit ends when admin with higher rank is taking the action (but suggestions is normal)
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