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    Reminder: Admins have to be at least 17+

    Request Model :

    1. Nick on the server:
    2. How old are you?:
    3. CS Experience (in years)?:
    4. Period of the day when you play (morning / noon / evening)?:
    5. How many hours daily do you spend on cs?:
    6. Have you already been an admin and where?:
    7. Do you know all the AMXX commands?:
    8. Are you playing on other servers?:
    9. Why exactly do you want an admin here?:
    10. Are you an admin Somewhere else right now?:
    11. How many hours do you have on the server?:
    12. What is the duty of an admin, what is he allowed to do and what he isn't, and what is his limit?:


    • The title of the topic must be "[Admin Request] Your Name"
    • You must have a good proof
    • Please do not make an admin request if you do not play in the server for 100 hours
    • If you enter false statements (for example age), we might find out later and you will be permanently banned.
    • You can add application only once per 30 days.
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